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Several Surprising Benefit of Sleeping with Bolsters Illustration – sleeping while hugging your bolster. (PHOTO: healthmedic)

TIMESSIDOARJO, JAKARTA – For some people, bolsters could be something unfamiliar to their ears. Bolster is a long narrow pillow or cushion filled with cotton fiber or sometimes foam. Bolsters are usually firm for back or arm support while you are sleeping or for decorative application.

So how does it feel like sleeping with bolster? Well, for some people who used to sleep with it, they won’t be able to sleep without it since it is really gives you a comfortable feeling. For those who never try about it, well, there is no wrong to just give it a shot, who knows you will fall in love to it.

Little did you know, sleeping with bolster has several benefits for your health. Taken from Hello Sehat here are several benefits of sleeping with bolster. Check this out.

1. Prevent Scoliosis

Sleeping with a bolster between your leg just above your hip can help to relieve the pressure on your hipbone. This is beneficial to people with back issues such as scoliosis. It will also make the blood run through your feet normally.  

2. Helps you relieve your snore

Snoring occasionally happened when you sleep on your back. And with bolster, you will tend to sleep either on your right side or your left side. A research found out that sleeping on your side will help you snore less.

3. Helps the preggo have a good quality of sleep

Pregnant women tend to have a difficulty to start sleeping for their belly. Bolster will also help to improve sleep quality by adjusting to your posture. This is especially so if you sleep on your sides, as having a bolster between your legs can relieve the stress on the bottom leg.

4. Enhances blood circulation.

By using bolsters while you are sleeping to elevate certain parts of your body such as the legs or feet, it helps the blood there to return smoothly to the heart, so that the heart doesn’t need to work as hard.

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